saturday session (10/21)

Morning. It’s Saturday. This is my only Saturday I’m not spending at work this month. I’m taking full advantage of it and…going to get my oil changed. Yay, adulthood!

But no, I might also find somewhere to watch Game 7 (yay, baseball!), but I might also watch some Stranger Things to get ready for season two, coming out next week, or I might just go somewhere like the mall and not buy anything, just walk around. See, that’s the real appeal of adulthood: Having options.

Anyway, whatever you’re up to, I hope you have a nice Saturday (or Sunday, for my eastern hemisphere readers–hi, guys), and here are the links:

  • I stayed in my car in the parking lot of Jason’s Deli after lunch on Sunday because this performance by the Preservation Hall Jazz Band was so good I didn’t want to interrupt with anything silly like driving.
  • Things you don’t think about: Where do clergy get their clothes? (High-church clergy, obviously–the people who do robes and clerical collars and such. Low-church folks shop at Old Navy, I think.)
  • Props to this would-be adoptive mom for doing the right thing.
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda interviews Stephen Sondheim. (That’s all you need to know, right? Right? Well, just in case: These two fellas are among the best lyricists and composers in musical theatre, and there’s nothing like game recognizing game.)
  • My friend Abby wrote a killer piece about Christian celebrity and falls from grace that hits a little close to home around these parts.

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