right now (october 2017)

Making: Still working on that infernal blanket. Hopefully I’m almost done, though, and just in time to give to its intended recipients for cold weather. Still working on the scarf, too.

Cooking: Right now I have this chicken marinating in the fridge to roast off in the morning with some broccoli for lunch and dinner tomorrow. I’ve been doing this thing lately where I’ll brown some ground turkey, add some tamari, sesame oil, and a shot of worcestershire sauce, then toss the whole deal with some spaghetti. The turkey juice plus the other stuff makes a really nice, umami-laden sauce for the noodles. If I were a smart person, I’d put some green onions in with that, but…*shrug*

Drinking: Lots of coffee and water and herbal tea lately. And I’m working my way through a bottle of white wine (hard to do when you’re single and a lightweight drinker).

Reading: I think the only thing I’m reading right now is The Five Red Herrings by Dorothy Sayers, which is very good and very Scottish.

Trawling: For a new winter coat. Well, “winter.” I had a cranberry red peacoat for the longest time–I bought it for $12.50 at a charity shop in Scotland my junior year of college, and it was a really good coat. But it’s time to move on. I do still love a peacoat, though. Never goes out of style and is just about the right warmth for when it does actually get cold around here.

Wanting: The new James K.A. Smith book, but I think I’m going to hold off on ordering it until I can reread its predecessors.

Looking: At all the stuff that’s coming out about Kevin Spacey–he’s such a good actor, but UGH. Also, at the sample ballots for my district–it looks like all we’re voting on around here is a new member of the Cy-Fair district school board, so I’ve gotta figure out who to pick.

Deciding: I’m one of those people who’s already trying to figure out what to get people for Christmas.

Listening: Lots of Prairie Home Companion (this season is so good!) and, for some reason, jazz. Preservation Hall Jazz Band and Gregory Porter, in particular.

Buying: Got Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (the book, not the movie) for my friend Steph, whose birthday it is if you’re reading this on the day of its publication (happy birthday, Steph!).

Watching: The World Series is gonna kill me, you guys. Game 6 tomorrow!

Marveling: Look, this is only the second series the Astros have ever gotten to, and the last time they choked, so the fact that they’re 3-2 right now is amazing. I hope I don’t have to regret saying this after tomorrow.

Cringing: I mean, all the sexual assault accusations and the campaign managers getting indicted for treason is not a good look for America, but here we are.

Needing: I need to get my butt up and take the trash out, is what I need to do. I also need to get a haircut soonish (putting it here so I can embarrass myself into doing so, now that I’ve made it public).

Questioning: Where in the world I’m going to end up going to church.

Smelling: Nothing, really, but I’m going to get up and light a candle in a second–my friend gave me this gingerbread candle, what, almost two years ago, and it’s still going strong.

Wearing: Right now? Yoga pants and a baseball shirt. Not an Astros shirt, just one of those 3/4-sleeve deals.

Noticing: I had a cold all last week and it’s finally starting to clear up; I can tell, because it no longer feels like someone is squeezing my head at the sinuses. Hooray.


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