right now: December 2017.

Making : I have moved on to a red scarf–chunky yarn, seed stitch, should knit up pretty quickly. It’s cold around here, yo. (I see all you northeners giving me the side-eye. I live in a sub-tropical climate; it’s cold for here, okay?)

Cooking : I made this spaghetti aglio e olio with lots of kale from Bon Appetit yesterday and may or may not have had some for breakfast this morning. It’s really good and it’ll get a serving of greens in your system, so I recommend.

Drinking : Coffee coffee coffee coffee. (I’ve recently taken to putting cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, and ginger in my coffee while it’s brewing; this is a very good idea.) Also, the apple cranberry tea from Trader Joe’s. Trying to drink more water.

Reading: The Lifegiving Home by Sally and Sarah Clarkson–trying to power through one last book in 2017. 🙂 I also got Awaiting the King by James K.A. Smith for Christmas, so as soon as I do another read-through of Imagining the Kingdom I’ll tackle that one next.

Wanting: I think my next knitting project is going to be a hat for myself. (See also: It is cold.)

Looking: At sales sections of clothing stores and websites for end of year deals.

Playing: Nertz. I got introduced to this card game by a new church friend–it’s like speed and solitaire mashed together and it’s definitely something you have to pay attention to. I got the app for my phone and have been playing a lot…

Deciding: On whether or not I want a lined notebook or a dotted notebook for bullet journaling this year. Probably lined.

Wishing: I had tickets to Hamilton, but that’s, like, every day.

Enjoying: This cold weather, seriously. I love it. I definitely would much rather have this than how it’s going to be in about five months when it’ll be 8000 degrees outside. Cold weather lends itself to coziness; hot weather lends itself to feeling like you’re gonna die.

Waiting: For New Year’s Eve plans…

Liking: Sleeping in fuzzy socks, even though I inevitably kick them off in the middle of the night.

Wondering: How my subconscious came up with the word “naffable” in my dream last night–a portmanteau of naff (British slang for tacky/in bad taste) + affable. Cheerily tacky, or the perfect adjective for most Christmas sweaters.

Loving: All the end-of-year lists that are getting published.

Pondering: What 2018 is going to look like, both on a macro and a micro scale. I have a list of goals I’ve made for myself (coming tomorrow in the Thursday 13), and I’m going to try to make those happen, but I also wonder what the political and social situation in the US is going to be like. I wonder what other stuff Robert Mueller is going to dig up, too, and how the midterm elections are going to shift things.

Considering: Giving to my local NPR station.

Buying: Just got a new pair of shoes and some leggings yesterday (thanks, Target clearance section).

Watching: Been into Mind of a Chef and Parts Unknown lately; going to hop into a bunch of shows in the new year; got a handful of movies from work that I’m going to dig into. Also saw The Last Jedi with my dad and enjoyed it quite a bit; I don’t get all the hate, but I also am not a huge Star Wars fangirl, so.

Hoping: That a vacancy will open up at this apartment complex I’m hoping to move into…

Marveling: At the incarnation, always.

Needing: Boxes for packing (my lease runs out at the end of January).

Questioning: Why I waited so long to call that apartment complex (see “Hoping”).

Smelling: I have this pine-scented candle from last Christmas that I’ve been burning a lot lately.

Wearing: Right now? New TOMS, blue socks with silver moons and stars printed on them, grey chinos, blue and white shirt, Fitbit.

Following: Where the Spirit goes, I guess. I dunno.

Thinking: About what kind of spiritual formation my soul is receiving right now.

Admiring: The ambition/reading abilities of some of my colleagues whose reading totals will top 100 this year. (Y’all thought I read a lot…)

Sorting: Nothing at the moment, although I will probably be getting into that in the new year as I prep to move…

Getting: Christmas presents!

Bookmarking: Actually, nothing at the moment, although I do have a Google spreadsheet of books I eventually want to hit up, but that’s not exactly the same thing, now is it?

Coveting: This dress, OMG.

Disliking: My propensity for procrastination.

Opening: Probably a Fitbit Fit account in the new year…

Giggling: Uncontrollably at this.

Feeling: Overall, pretty pleased with my life right now. Which is nice.

Snacking: Loads of clementines, because it’s citrus season and they’re cheap and I need the vitamin C.

Hearing: Listening to the Lord of the Rings soundtracks because why not.


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