thursday 13

This week: 13 goals for 2018. I have to do really concrete, measurable things or else I won’t do them:

  1. Memorize three things on this big list I have of things I want to memorize, because I’m a giant nerd.
  2. See five live concerts or theater. (5/17: Hamilton (!!!!!). 5/24: Houston Men’s Choir.)
  3. Try a new restaurant at least once a month. (January: Tadashii Ramen. February: Kraftsmen Bakery. March: John and Jane Dough and Hughie’s and the gelato place that’s next to Hughie’s that I don’t feel like looking up. April: Can’t remember! I know I did get to one, though)
  4. Go on a vacation out of town–which I haven’t done since…2014?
  5. Sign up for a 5K and actually do it.
  6. Finish all the book series I’m in the middle of.
  7. Actually read all of the books in this year’s Tournament of Books at The Morning News.
  8. Read at least five books by authors of Asian descent. (Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng; Goodbye Vitamin by Rachael Khong; Pachinko by Min Jin Lee.)
  9. Write and record a song.
  10. Submit at least one article proposal per quarter.
  11. Go on a date. (The tricky part will be finding someone to go on a date with.)
  12. Another nerd thing: Catalog all of my books and add bookplates to them.
  13. Someone on the staff at my new church proposed the idea that we start a small library–my goal is to actually write and submit a proposal and do it.

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