saturday session (12/30)

Hello hello! It’s the last Saturday of 2017. I’m chilling out with a cup of coffee and a podcast. The weather is cold and crisp and we’re supposed to bring in the new year with some freezing temperatures(!), which has the indoors looking a little more welcoming at the moment.

How was everybody’s Christmas? Mine was very low-key–just went over to my parents’ place and hung out and ate the annual Christmas tacos. My dad added enchiladas to the mix this year for the heck of it and they were really good, I thought. I got some books and a DVD player like it’s 2005, but hey, I work for a place with free DVDs, and Netflix and Amazon Prime still don’t have everything.

I missed last week for this, so a couple of the links are Christmasy, but Christmastide lasts until January 5, so it’s fine. 🙂 Anyway, here you go:

See y’all in 2018! (Well. One more post tomorrow.)




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