saturday session (1/27)

Happy Saturday, good people. I missed last week thanks to both working that day and having a get-together with friends after work, and also just straight up forgetting. Tonight I have another gathering to go to, a friend’s birthday, and I’m also going to spend today getting caught up on a project I’m working on that has a deadline that keeps tapping me on the shoulder.

One of these days I want to get back to writing something besides t13s and Saturday Sessions, but thanks to all of you who keep checking this out anyway. You also are a privilege, and I’m grateful for you.

Anyway, onward to the links!

  • An extremely thorough guide to picking a sports team to root for, just in time for the Super Bowl in a couple of weeks.
  • “I’d rather my single status shine Christus vincit in me with all the snark of Dorothy Sayers or all the spark of Flannery O’Connor. I’d like for it to be a divine Mystery like the desert flower. A seventeen-point star on the cacti opening like an oculus. Petals slide apart like origami folds, flowering and retracting solo in the sunlight.” Thoughts on being Christian and single in your 30s.
  • How to process honey. (Go for the information, stay for the adorable dogs.)
  • Fascinating article about millennials and astrology.
  • Sushi bowls! Man oh man these sound good.
  • These short films about a little spider are some of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. (I know that for some of you, “cute” is not a word you associate with spiders, but just trust me on this.)
  • If you’ve been following the whole Larry Nassar/U.S. Olympics trial this week, Rachael Denhollander has an op-ed piece in the New York Times about being silenced and disbelieved after coming out with accusations against Nassar. Heartbreaking but well worth the read.
  • My friend Joy Beth wrote a book about singleness and it comes out a week from Tuesday. It’s available for pre-order. Just saying.

OKAY that’s it. Be well and have a good weekend, y’all.

thursday 13

This week: 13 things in your fridge.

  1. Unopened bottle of dijon mustard
  2. Rice wine vinegar
  3. Ketchup
  4. Eggs
  5. Cilantro that I need to use soon
  6. Half a head of garlic
  7. A container of homemade tahini sauce I should probably eat soon
  8. Probiotic capsules
  9. Worcestershire sauce
  10. Coconut aminos
  11. Two red onions
  12. Brita pitcher of water
  13. Orange juice

thursday 13

This week: For the Houstonians, 13 things you did during the icepocalypse.

  1. Reorganized my Tupperware.
  2. Watched so many YouTube videos.
  3. Watched about 60% of Get Out.
  4. Burned some CDs that I owe people.
  5. Ate a lot of toast.
  6. Got out and went for a walk and got the mail.
  7. Drank a lot of coffee.
  8. Got a lot of text messages from my supervisor re: work being closed.
  9. Continued to read Tom Hanks’s new book.
  10. Caught up on my podcasts.
  11. Caught up on my Bible reading plan.
  12. Got out and went to Target.
  13. Caught up on sleep (woot woot).

saturday session (1/13)

(This is going up later than I expected, oops.)

Well! Hello. Tomorrow is my 33rd birthday. Like I told some friends tonight at dinner, once I turned 30, every birthday since then has just been like…eh, the number changed, that’s cool, I guess. When I turn 40 I think I’ll make a bigger deal of that, but right now? Eh. I’ll eat some ice cream and move on with my life.

I do always wonder what my birth parents do when my birthday rolls around. Do they even remember that it’s my birthday? Do they pause sometime in their day and wonder how I’m doing? Who knows. I hope they’re doing well. One day I hope I can tell them in person that my life has been pretty good, and that I’m thankful to them for it.

Tomorrow on the day proper I’m going to church and a baby shower, and then I think I’ll treat myself to a movie and a fancy drink at the Alamo Drafthouse out in Katy. I think this year is going to be good.

Anyway! Here are the links:

Good night, y’all. Have a good rest of your weekend.

thursday 13

This week: 13 things you’ve paid for this month.

  1. Eggs.
  2. A pound of coffee.
  3. An excellent sandwich from Local Foods (the turkey confit, for you Houston folk).
  4. Gas.
  5. Tolls (boo).
  6. The migas plate at Tacos A Go-Go (yum).
  7. My dad’s birthday present (which I still haven’t given him, and his birthday was 8 days ago, oops).
  8. The flat enchiladas at Lupe Tortilla for my friend Rob’s birthday dinner.
  9. Half-gallon of (light unsweetened original Silk soy) milk.
  10. Kitchen sponges.
  11. Shampoo (trying a new one–so far, so good, and it smells nice at that. It’s a Garnier something or other).
  12. A kind of late Christmas dinner at Dish Society with my friends (still during Christmastide, though, so it counts).
  13. $20 worth of stocks (I use an app called Stash that automatically buys $10 of stocks for me every week–it’s quite handy and I don’t really have to think about it).

saturday session (1/6)

Happy Epiphany! (Also: 20+C+M+B+18.) Today in the church calendar we celebrate Jesus being visited by the Magi, and thus also that the Jewish Messiah also came to save us Gentiles and pagans, a fact this near-thoroughly Gentile woman very much appreciates. And we also celebrate all the ways that Jesus shows up and shows off His glory in unexpected places, culminating in His transfiguration the Sunday before Lent. How is God showing up in your life these days? Just something to ponder today.

I am currently sitting on my floor watching YouTube videos and eating noodles. In a minute I need to take out my trash and go get the oil changed in my car, so all in all a pretty low-key Saturday. I may come home and watch a movie and eat some more of these noodles and do some laundry so I actually have clean clothes to wear to work next week, or I may just blow off responsibility entirely and go walk around Target and spend money on stuff I don’t need. Or something. Who knows. This is the only Saturday this month I don’t have anything on my calendar, so I intend to enjoy it fully and introvertedly.

Anyway, here are the links–not many this week, as I haven’t really been reading a whole lot online:

Have a nice rest of your weekend!

thursday 13

This week: 13 movies that are either currently in theaters or are coming out this year that you want to go see.

  1. Black Panther
  2. Isle of Dogs
  3. Lady Bird (I have heard nothing but great things about this)
  4. The Shape of Water
  5. Downsizing
  6. A Wrinkle In Time
  7. Coco
  8. Ocean’s 8
  9. Ready Player One
  10. Ralph Breaks the Internet
  11. Call Me By Your Name
  12. The Florida Project
  13. The Greatest Showman (I’ve heard mixed reviews, but I’m still curious)