thursday 13

This week: For the Houstonians, 13 things you did during the icepocalypse.

  1. Reorganized my Tupperware.
  2. Watched so many YouTube videos.
  3. Watched about 60% of Get Out.
  4. Burned some CDs that I owe people.
  5. Ate a lot of toast.
  6. Got out and went for a walk and got the mail.
  7. Drank a lot of coffee.
  8. Got a lot of text messages from my supervisor re: work being closed.
  9. Continued to read Tom Hanks’s new book.
  10. Caught up on my podcasts.
  11. Caught up on my Bible reading plan.
  12. Got out and went to Target.
  13. Caught up on sleep (woot woot).

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