saturday session (1/27)

Happy Saturday, good people. I missed last week thanks to both working that day and having a get-together with friends after work, and also just straight up forgetting. Tonight I have another gathering to go to, a friend’s birthday, and I’m also going to spend today getting caught up on a project I’m working on that has a deadline that keeps tapping me on the shoulder.

One of these days I want to get back to writing something besides t13s and Saturday Sessions, but thanks to all of you who keep checking this out anyway. You also are a privilege, and I’m grateful for you.

Anyway, onward to the links!

  • An extremely thorough guide to picking a sports team to root for, just in time for the Super Bowl in a couple of weeks.
  • “I’d rather my single status shine Christus vincit in me with all the snark of Dorothy Sayers or all the spark of Flannery O’Connor. I’d like for it to be a divine Mystery like the desert flower. A seventeen-point star on the cacti opening like an oculus. Petals slide apart like origami folds, flowering and retracting solo in the sunlight.” Thoughts on being Christian and single in your 30s.
  • How to process honey. (Go for the information, stay for the adorable dogs.)
  • Fascinating article about millennials and astrology.
  • Sushi bowls! Man oh man these sound good.
  • These short films about a little spider are some of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. (I know that for some of you, “cute” is not a word you associate with spiders, but just trust me on this.)
  • If you’ve been following the whole Larry Nassar/U.S. Olympics trial this week, Rachael Denhollander has an op-ed piece in the New York Times about being silenced and disbelieved after coming out with accusations against Nassar. Heartbreaking but well worth the read.
  • My friend Joy Beth wrote a book about singleness and it comes out a week from Tuesday. It’s available for pre-order. Just saying.

OKAY that’s it. Be well and have a good weekend, y’all.


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