saturday session (2/10)

Hello. It’s been a heck of a week–I spent 40 hours either traveling or in California earlier this week, and then proceeded to come home and ugly-cry during the Olympics Opening Ceremonies. (As I’ve said on social media, national anthems + it being the national anthem of my native country + traditional instruments + KID CHOIR = absolutely lethal for my tear ducts.) Today I was #saturdaylibrarian, and tonight I’m going to settle in and watch some skiing and curling and stuff.

Next week is Lunar New Year–not just for the Chinese, but for Koreans and Vietnamese people, too–and I’m of a mind to make pajeon and watch the Olympics that day. (Yum.) And next week is also the beginning of Lent–Ash Wednesday is on the 14th (yes, on Valentine’s Day!), and I’m trying to figure out a good discipline for this year. Someone turned me on to The Common Rule and I’m thinking of going that direction.

The links!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


saturday session (2/3)

Hi, gang. I have a bit of a cold, and I’m sitting at my kitchen table pondering making a pot of tea and/or a hot toddy, so that’s how my weekend’s going. I’m going out of town next week and I’m hoping I kick this before that happens, so send up a prayer, if you pray. My brother and sister-in-law gave me an Amazon Dot for my birthday, so today’s been spent messing around with that. (So far I’m mostly using it as a Bluetooth speaker, but one that will also tell me what the weather is like, so I guess that’s cool. Apparently it can also play Jeopardy?)

Oh, and trying to do my taxes–I apparently owe the government money, so, uh, so much for my plans to buy a new kitchen table with the refund. I really don’t mind paying taxes; I mean, I’m a government employee, after all, and taxes are, among other things, for giving people like me jobs. (At some point last year I wrote a Book of Common Prayer-style collect for paying taxes; maybe I’ll dig that up at some point.) I mean, it’s not pleasant, but it’s also part of being a citizen of these United States.

Oh yeah, and there’s some sort of football game on tomorrow, right?

Anyway, on to the links!

  • Speaking of sports, I am extra stoked for the Winter Olympics.
  • You’ve probably heard about Rachael Denhollander’s testimony in the Larry Nassar case; she did a fantastic interview with Christianity Today about how in pursuing justice, she also lost her church and a lot of friends. Difficult read, but a good one.
  • A couple of years ago Vanity Fair did these fantastically British interviews (1, 2) with a bunch of actors and they are so good.
  • A South African boys’ choir simulates a thunderstorm.
  • The struggle is real.

That’s all I have! Have a good rest of your weekend!

thursday 13

This week: 13 places in your city that you’ve never been to but want to try out.

  1. the Beer Can House
  2. the Contemporary Arts Museum
  3. Rothko Chapel
  4. Alley Theatre (seriously! as much of a theater person as I am, I’ve never seen a show at the Alley)
  5. the Printing Museum
  6. Tejas Chocolate Craftory
  7. Wild West (still haven’t ever been)
  8. White Oak Music Hall (used to pass it all the time on the way to work)
  9. Not so much a place as an event, but A Fistful of Soul.
  10. I want to go to a service at Lakewood Church just to say that I’ve done it.
  11. I run a mystery book club and I’ve somehow never been to Murder By the Book…
  12. People keep telling me that Common Bond Bakery is good.
  13. I’ve also somehow never been to Agora for coffee…