thursday 13

This week: 13 places in your city that you’ve never been to but want to try out.

  1. the Beer Can House
  2. the Contemporary Arts Museum
  3. Rothko Chapel
  4. Alley Theatre (seriously! as much of a theater person as I am, I’ve never seen a show at the Alley)
  5. the Printing Museum
  6. Tejas Chocolate Craftory
  7. Wild West (still haven’t ever been)
  8. White Oak Music Hall (used to pass it all the time on the way to work)
  9. Not so much a place as an event, but A Fistful of Soul.
  10. I want to go to a service at Lakewood Church just to say that I’ve done it.
  11. I run a mystery book club and I’ve somehow never been to Murder By the Book…
  12. People keep telling me that Common Bond Bakery is good.
  13. I’ve also somehow never been to Agora for coffee…

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