saturday session (2/10)

Hello. It’s been a heck of a week–I spent 40 hours either traveling or in California earlier this week, and then proceeded to come home and ugly-cry during the Olympics Opening Ceremonies. (As I’ve said on social media, national anthems + it being the national anthem of my native country + traditional instruments + KID CHOIR = absolutely lethal for my tear ducts.) Today I was #saturdaylibrarian, and tonight I’m going to settle in and watch some skiing and curling and stuff.

Next week is Lunar New Year–not just for the Chinese, but for Koreans and Vietnamese people, too–and I’m of a mind to make pajeon and watch the Olympics that day. (Yum.) And next week is also the beginning of Lent–Ash Wednesday is on the 14th (yes, on Valentine’s Day!), and I’m trying to figure out a good discipline for this year. Someone turned me on to The Common Rule and I’m thinking of going that direction.

The links!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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