a good old-fashioned blog post.

1. Haven’t done this in ages–just sat down and written a post that isn’t a Thursday 13 or a Saturday session. I’m trying to get my writing mojo back and…this feels right. I did submit an article a couple of weeks ago and am waiting to hear back about it, and I have project cooking about a Korean origin myth involving a bear, a tiger, and a god, so we’ll see how that goes. And I’m reading, like always.

2. I’m also trying to figure out Lenten discipline. I’ve already decided to read through Fleming Rutledge’s book The Crucifixion (650 pages of atonement theology; highly recommended by a lot of theologians and pastors), but I’m thinking that I’m probably going to turn off all of my social media on my phone. I was rereading Desiring the Kingdom a while back and he writes about doing a technology audit, considering how all the tech and media that you consume is shaping you and whether or not it’s for good ends or not. That feels like a good Lenten exercise, and also a generally good one for life as well. Facebook in particular feels like an especially insidious and unnecessary part of my life, save for one group I’m in, but on the other hand I use it at work for marketing purposes, so…*shrug*

3. What else? I’ve not been taking very good care of my body, and it’s been reflected in my mental health of late. I’m at a “I just want to stay in bed and watch YouTube videos” level of the mopes, so not as bad as it ever has been, but I definitely need to practice better self-care this week. (I started by making lunch for tomorrow so I don’t inevitably buy a bag of Chex Mix and a Diet Coke and call that lunch.)

4. Also, I’m moving in a few days, and the only things I’ve packed are the books off of one shelf. (Anyone got spare boxes?)

5. Love y’all. Take care.


One thought on “a good old-fashioned blog post.

  1. I have spare boxes, but I live far too far away 🙂 Thanks for writing a thoughtful blog post — I enjoyed it! Have you read ‘You Are What You Love’? Basically a simplified version of ‘desiring the kingdom.’

    I delete social media apps from my phone regularly, and have tried to limit the number of people I’m following on facebook. Not that I don’t want to see them — I do! — But that i don’t like the endless scrolling and passive consumption/liking habit that facebook encourages. I want to engage with loved ones in a more deliberate way. I’m always up for thoughtful emails, too, so although I know we don’t know each other well–yet–hit me up if you’re interested!

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