right now (february 2018)

Making: I stopped mid-way through a hat for a new baby; I should probably pick it back up again considering said baby is now ex utero, huh? Basic roll-brim baby hat, gray yarn.

Cooking: A lot of stuff in order to get rid of condiments so I don’t have to move them later–new lease starts in early March. Recently made some noodles with this sesame sauce and shredded chicken and green onions, and am planning on making some mujadara.

Drinking: Lots of coffee, as per usual. Trying to drink more water; right now I’m very into the grapefruit sparkling water from Target. (It comes in these cute slim cans and I think it’s actually better than the pamplemousse LaCroix.)

Reading: Working through Awaiting the King, The Crucifixion, and my internet friend Gina Dalfonzo’s book One By One.

Wanting: More mid-rise, boot-cut pants.

Looking: At getting tickets for the Banff Film Festival when it comes through town in March. (Anyone want to come with me?)

Playing: Just discovered Just Dance for the Nintendo Switch thanks to my new friend Randi. The J!6 game on the Jeopardy website. (By the way, the internet audition test happens next week, so go sign up if you’re interested.)

Deciding: On what I’m going to do with my falling-apart kitchen table and chairs…

Wishing: I had some ice cream in my fridge right now…

Enjoying: The musician birthday segment on The Show Formerly Known As Prairie Home Companion–everyone on that show is a consummate musician and they’re so good. (E.g., imagine Chris Thile shout-singing “Bombtrack” by Rage Against the Machine.)

Waiting: For…actually, nothing right now. Hm.

Liking: This top I have on–I got it on sale from Modcloth, and the colors are a little wacky but they somehow work together. (Light blue, with white, brown, yellow, orange, and forest green polka dots. Sounds like it should be terrible, but I like it.)

Wondering: If I order some pants from Old Navy, will I get them by early next week?

Loving: The old men who come to work out at the Y in polo shirts and khakis that are just a little too big for them. (Seriously, khakis. With a belt.)

Pondering: How I read and think a lot about habit formation as a means of spiritual formation, and yet I am really bad at forming habits.

Considering: The coconut.

Buying: Haven’t done it yet, but I need to get new strings for my guitar and possibly also a new tuning peg.

Watching: I saw Black Panther last Saturday and OMG y’all it’s so good.

Hoping: I can get my body to sleep in this weekend–I have been having a hard time not waking up randomly this week, so maybe I can make up for it on Saturday.

Marveling: See “Watching.” (Haha, see, it’s a Marvel movie, and it’s marvelous…)

Needing: To actually put my butt to bed at a decent hour.

Questioning: How to set aside time for some projects.

Smelling: There’s a lot of garlic in that sesame sauce I made, y’all.

Wearing: Right now? I have a blue and white button-down shirt and olive green slim-cut pants on.

Following: All these sexual harassment allegations. It’s surreal that people are finally facing consequences.

Thinking: I want to be on the team that helps choose Oprah’s Favorite Things every year. Maybe I’ll do some gift guides this year, they’re so fun to shop for.

Admiring: This interview with Rachel Denhollander in Christianity Today, on the cost of pursuing justice. Hard words about church being a not-great place for sexual abuse victims.

Sorting: All of my stuff, OMG. (See also: I’m moving soon.)

Getting: Hopefully more boxes…

Bookmarking: My friend Abby’s new column at Fathom.

Coveting: This dress.

Disliking: How people dismiss teenagers’ opinions and activism just because they’re young. I mean, agree or disagree with them, but they’re people and they deserve to be taken seriously.

Opening: This Diet Coke right now. *psshff*

Giggling: I just wrapped up a program at work in which the kids made these perplexing, slightly surrealist videos and they were hilarious.

Feeling: Slightly startled, as I always am this time of year, at the fact that March is almost upon us.

Snacking: I’ve had a thing lately for barbecue potato chips and I don’t really know why. And the pb&j bars from Trader Joe’s.

Hearing: I recently discovered a great podcast called No Such Thing As A Fish and I’ve been obsessively listening to the archives. It’s by the writers of a British comedy quiz show called QI and it’s both educational and hilarious.


2 thoughts on “right now (february 2018)

    1. Add more salt than called for, but those onions add more flavor than you’d expect. I’ve added a half-teaspoon of cumin to fine results; lemon juice and/or hot sauce are also nice for some acid, as is plain yogurt. I’ve also heard of folks adding chopped fresh herbs and I imagine that’d be pretty good. Try it plain first, though, and see what you think of it like that.

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