holy monday: psalms 122-23.

We watched you, rabbi, from the walls.

We traveled from all over:
Syria, Ethiopia, Greece.
We heard about your God and we
were curious. We heard the stories
of how your people came up
from Egypt to this country,
we heard about the sacrifices,
so similar to ours and yet so different.

I was glad
when they said to me
let us go to the house
of the Lord

They would not let us in.
Unclean, impure.

We can hardly blame them.
Years of oppression
combined with religious zeal
in hopes that that oppression
might end
will do that to people.

have mercy on us
for we have had

more than enough
of contempt

But we heard what you said:
“for all nations”

Have you opened up the gates
for us, rabbi?
Dare we even hope for that?


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