thursday 13.

this week: 13 seasonal/situational musical preferences. you’ll see what i mean in a second.

1. early spring (especially during Lent): Sufjan Stevens, the Noah and the Whale album The First Days of Spring, Johnny Flynn and the Sussex Wit, Nickel Creek
2. later spring: Punch Brothers (“Julep” is especially nice), Jon Foreman’s Spring and Summer EPs, the Frames, late Decemberists
3. summer (which in Houston lasts until mid-October): ’60s rock and pop and r&b, ’90s Christian ska, hip-hop and rap, salsa, early Decemberists, gospel (throwbacks to mission trips in high school), Switchfoot
4. later summer: all of the above, plus jazz and indie rock
5. mid-October until Thanksgiving: Andrew Peterson, Caedmon’s Call, Damien Rice, The Oh Hellos, early Coldplay, Ben Folds Five
6. Thanksgiving until Christmas: George Winston, The Oh Hellos’ Christmas EP, Andrew Peterson’s Behold the Lamb of God on repeat
7. post-Christmas: Lots of classical choral music (I don’t know why, but midwinter seems appropriate for it)
8. Sunday mornings: All Sons & Daughters, Sojourn Music, John Coltrane, Sandra McCracken, my church’s Spotify playlist of all the songs we’re rotating through
9. cleaning: Broadway cast recordings make everything better
10. presidential election season: Over the Rhine’s “If a Song Could Be President” ad infinitum
11. road trips: U2’s Joshua Tree, Paul Simon’s Graceland, Wilco, Nina Simone, Dave Brubeck, old mix CDs from college
12. in the morning: not music, but NPR’s Up First podcast, always
13. in the afternoon, while trying to get over the 3:00 slump: any and all music from the ’90s


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