extremely late thursday 13

This week: Haven’t done this in a while–put your music player of choice on shuffle and tell us the first 13 tracks that come up.

  1. The Lion King OBC, Hakuna Matata
  2. The Sound of Music movie cast, Maria
  3. Hugh Laurie, Six Cold Feet
  4. Brooks Ritter, Whom Have I In Heaven
  5. Cab Calloway, Minnie the Moocher (hi-dee hi-dee hi-dee hiiiii)
  6. Daft Punk, Nocturne
  7. Sandra McCracken, The Lord’s Prayer
  8. Ray LaMontagne and the Pariah Dogs, Are We Really Through
  9. Sho Baraka, Foreward, 1619
  10. Over the Rhine, Favorite Time of Light
  11. Firewoodisland, What’s Underneath
  12. Arcade Fire, Half Light II (No Celebration)
  13. Philippa Soo, Burn

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