thursday 13

This week: 13 projects you need to do.

  1. I have this art project involving a canvas and some punch-out paper stars that I started months ago and I have yet to finish.
  2. I also need to hang up all my art and get a poster, an art piece, and my diplomas framed so I can hang them.
  3. Staining or  painting my bookshelves. Probably going to go with staining.
  4. Putting together an Ikea cart I got for Christmas in 2016.
  5. Cataloging and putting bookplates in my books, like the nerd that I am.
  6. Organizing all of my office supplies and stationery.
  7. Getting and hanging curtains in my living room window.
  8. Working on a couple of big knitting projects for Christmas presents.
  9. Our local makerspace does sewing classes and I keep meaning to sign up for one, but then forgetting.
  10. Need to make and/or get a few more Christmas decorations. (I don’t have a Christmas tree, for example.)
  11. Figuring out what to put on the bookshelf that my TV is currently sitting on. (I don’t own any DVDs or else I’d stick them there–maybe it’s time to go raid the clearance section at Half-Price Books?)
  12. Setting up a reading nook somewhere in my apartment.
  13. Finding new bedding–I’ve had my current stuff for almost a decade and I think it’s about time for a refresh.

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