2018: 50 things.

  1. I joined Sojourn Heights!
  2. Turned 33
  3. The icepocalypse happened and turned my usual 3-day birthday weekend into a 5-day one
  4. I flew to California and taped an episode of Jeopardy, which was bananas
  5. Watching my episode on YouTube TV with a couple of my coworkers in our workroom
  6. We did a mini-comic con at my library and it ate our lives for a few months
  7. My friend Nicole graduated from seminary!
  8. My parish did a weekend at my friend’s parents’ lake house and it was a blast
  9. I got introduced to the game Jokers and Marbles and I will never be the same
  10. My friend Ephrem bought a house
  11. My friend Ashley had a bunch of us over to have a cheese and wine night and it was a blast
  12. I finally met the lovely and talented Laura B. in person after being internet friends for well over a decade
  13. There was a Winter Olympics this year, remember that? I ugly-cried during the South Korean national anthem during the opening ceremonies
  14. Talking soccer with my coworkers during the World Cup
  15. Got a new job! It’s been challenging, but it’s also been a lot of growth and there’s a bunch of opportunities for more in the future
  16. I got paid for my writing for the first time, what
  17. bunch of my internet friends published books
  18. Anthony Bourdain died and it had me feeling some kind of way about it
  19. My friends Josh and Jenna got married!
  20. Hamilton OMG
  21. So at my public library job we got to deal with this patron that was a thorn in all of our sides (Tomball people, you all know who I mean)…they might still be dealing with them, I don’t know
  22. I went to the National Day of Action March with my friends the Dobbs
  23. My friends Payton and Angela had an epic Cinco de Mayo party
  24. Watched Calvary and it blew my mind
  25. Oh, yeah, I moved!
  26. Dealing with bedbugs that migrated from my old apartment with me to my new apartment
  27. My parish started this thing called fight clubs–basically, smaller groups within the small group, like 3-4 people–and I’ve met with mine a few times and I’m stoked about it
  28. Some of my colleagues and I ran a robotics program for teen girls, to mixed results (although we did meet the mayor of Tomball, and it seemed like the girls really enjoyed it)
  29. My friend taught a bunch of us how to arm-knit on one of the first cold nights of the year
  30. Ooohh, I got a stomach bug earlier in the fall, and that was thoroughly unpleasant (especially since it coincided with the bedbugs)
  31. Playing Just Dance on a new friend’s Switch (and somehow miraculously winning the round?)
  32. I finally got an inkling of a plan for the future–the next couple of weeks are going to be spent working out details for it, stay tuned
  33. This introvert made a lot of friends and it’s been really good and life-giving
  34. I started singing in the band at church (people have been really kind about it and it’s been really good to be back doing that)
  35. Before that happened, Jenna (one of my new friends and one of our music leaders at church) and I went to get drinks one night to talk about writing liturgy and it ended up being a conversation about everything
  36. I also got tagged in to go help sing at one of our church’s plants and it was fun but also really weird because it reminded me so much of my old church
  37. My friends Lach and Kari had a couple of us over for a game night, which was fun
  38. My mom and dad came to our Christmas Eve service
  39. American political news continues to be a garbage fire
  40. Sandra McCracken concert at my friends’ church and ending the night with the Doxology
  41. My friend Hannah visited her brother and sister-in-law in South Korea and was texting me pictures and such (and we both are now obsessed with Kakao Friends).
  42. Hannah and I also had a conversation (after we went to go see Spirited Away at our local theater) where she told me that I tend to want to do things without actually doing them, and that has had me thinking a lot about my life
  43. Crazy Rich Asians OMG
  44. I also went to see Black Panther twice in theaters
  45. Random stuff besides Jokers and Marbles I got into this year: The Good Place, Salt Fat Acid Heat, sheet masks, chai with vanilla coconut coffee creamer, reading more by Asian and Asian American writers, the game Code Names
  46. Watching Hello Dolly with two completely different groups of friends
  47. A crew of us went to watch my friend Angela’s dance studio’s Christmas show, and then we went straight from there to a Christmas party, and it was fun
  48. This is a random one, but a gal at my church needed her and her husband’s wills notarized and they and their witnesses and I all sat around and chatted and stamped and signed stuff one random weeknight
  49. Oh, so my church does a birthday party every year, and it was cool because I got to chat with people that I had met but hadn’t had long conversations with before
  50. So yesterday while I was walking into church a phrase just popped into my head: Fill up water in the dry wells. If I’m being honest, my spiritual life this year has been kind of dry. I’m thirsty in ways I haven’t been before, or not for a while. I think 2019’s going to be a year I need to be filled up in, and find ways to help fill other people’s dry wells. So we’ll see. Tomorrow I’ll be working on making some goals for the new year, so stay tuned.

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