While walking into church this past Sunday, I out of nowhere had a phrase drop into my head: Fill up the dry wells.

Lots of things to unpack there.

I have to admit, in 2018 my spiritual life was pretty dry. My creative life was, too, at least for the back half of the year. I spent a lot of time sitting around watching TV and feeling tired. Socially, I felt kind of dry, too. And while I like the job I have and am learning a lot from the work, it feels like the culture of that place is a dry place as well–a lot of doing and getting things done without a lot of flourishing, if that makes sense.

And there’s also the verse in Jeremiah that describes God’s people as seeking water in broken cisterns, looking for satisfaction from leaky wells. I look back on 2018 and I see so many broken cisterns where I’ve gone to drink, and walked away unsatisfied.

In 2019, here’s what I want: To engage in more things that cause flourishing not only in my life, but in the lives of people around me, too. I want to work for the good of my workplace and, more importantly, for the good of my colleagues and the students and faculty we support. I want to be more engaged in the lives of my friends and neighbors. I want to do more creative work using the talents God’s given me for His glory, and to steward my time and my resources well so I can love other people well. I have a set of concrete goals written down (those are coming in the Thursday 13), but I want to aim my whole life in the direction of going to God and the means He’s ordained to fill me up and have me spill over.

What about you guys–what do you want out of this year?


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