saturday session (2/9/19)

Hullo, all—it’s rather late, but I have had a pretty decent day so far, started with coffee with friends and is about to end with evening prayer out of the BCP. I’m thankfully over the cold I had last week, mostly, thanks to urgent care and good health insurance and steroids, wheee. This week has also felt like it’s lasted eight weeks, though, and I’m pretty much over it. But so it goes. Here comes a new week and another chance to start over.

No real pithy thoughts this week, so here are the links:

Urban bees in London!

I’m really into these key tags–I’m thinking about getting the Coffee Club one.

A newsreel of Marian Anderson’s performance at the Lincoln Memorial in 1939. (Related: W.E.B. DuBois’s take on “My Country ‘Tis of Thee.”)

A polar explorer’s beauty routine. (I love this. Related: Samin Nosrat’s beauty routine, also delightful.)

50 books about baking. (I’d also add the excellent The Hot Bread Kitchen.)

Speaking of baking, MOLTEN. CARAMEL. CAKE.

Good night, gang, I hope that you’re well.

saturday session (2/2/19)

Hi, gang! I am dealing with a really bad cold and am holed up in my apartment. There is a pot of chicken soup on my stove, I’ve been binge-watching The Good Place (and binge-listening to the accompanying podcast, which is great), and I have that fine layer of sweat that you get when your fever’s breaking, so…that’s good, I guess? (Too much information? Probably. Sorry.) And I’ve caught up on some reading, which is good, because I am woefully behind on my reading goal on Goodreads. It’s been a chance to slow down and do some thinking and assessment.

Anyway, how are y’all? What are you up to?

Here are the links:

That’s it! Much love to you and have a good weekend.