thursday 13

This week: 13 famous people you’d want at your dream dinner party.

1. Samin Nosrat (from Salt Fat Acid Heat)
2. Lin-Manuel Miranda
3. Jemar Tisby (historian/theologian)
4. Tim Keller
5. Kristen Bell
6. Michelle Obama
7. Nicole Cliffe (Twitter-famous)
8. Ekemini Uwan (public theologian)
9. Yotam Ottolenghi (chef/cookbook author)
10. Bono
11. Celeste Ng (author)
12. Jameela Jamil (from The Good Place)
13. Dr. Carla Hayden (current Librarian of Congress)

(Any combination of these people would be completely bonkers. Samin and Yotam are making the food, obviously.)

right now: March 2019

Making: An afghan for a friend; plans for a quiet retreat; more messes in the name of creativity

Cooking: Turkey meatballs, roasted veggies, rice–trying to make better food choices, including eating out less

Drinking: Coffee, always; the Coke Zero analog from HEB; Ruby Red Grapefruit from Austin EastCiders, always a good choice.

Reading: In the middle of Good Omens to prep for the upcoming miniseries; just started a reread of Liturgy of the Ordinary. Also just started The Brutal Telling by Louise Penny.

Wanting: The weather to make up its mind already, good grief.

Looking: At springish/summery clothes–I realized recently that I don’t have that many for work, aside from some dresses.

Playing: Lots of Bob Dylan. I took all the games off of my phone, so nothing really happening there.

Deciding: Whether or not I should start a movie right now…

Wishing: That I had a washer and dryer in my apartment instead of having to use the crappy ones in my apartment complex…

Enjoying: Having gotten ten hours of sleep last night, woohoo.

Liking: The way my new curtains look in my living room. They’re blue and they look kind of like chambray.

Wondering: Why I’m so bad at concentrating on things.

Loving: Jon Batiste as the guest host on tonight’s Live From Here, holy crap

Waiting: On my laundry to dry.

Pondering: Why in the world my allergies have been so bad lately…

Considering: Why I’m sitting here writing a blog post when I have a bunch of clothes I need to put away.

Buying: I haven’t really bought anything exciting lately, but tomorrow’s 50% off day at Half-Price Books and I might go hunt something down then.

Watching: The live feed of Live From Here–every once in a while they’ll stream it on YouTube and it’s so freaking good. A couple of weeks ago some friends sat me down and made me watch The West Wing, so…I need to continue with that. (I’m sorry I haven’t watched any after that, y’all! I’ve been busy!)

Hoping: That I can get myself to go to sleep early enough that I don’t hate everything when I have to get up early to go to band practice before church tomorrow…

Needing: To figure out what I’m going to wear tomorrow…something green, obviously, but what?

Questioning: Whether or not I can pull off going to California later this year for a conference right before going to South Carolina a month later for another conference…

Smelling: The remnants of the broccoli I was cooking earlier.

Wearing: Right now: Black t-shirt, jeans.

Hearing: Right now, Tom Papa talking about cold weather in Minnesota.