right now: april 2019

Making: Still working on the afghan. I’ve got a post in my drafts that’s a big list of book recommendations, so stay tuned for that!

Cooking: I’ve been rocking the Lazy Genius Change-Your-Life Chicken a lot (it’s real good, y’all). Considering making these noodles soon.

Drinking: The cherry flavor from Houston Cider Co. (it’s local and delicious)

Reading: In the middle of The Epic of Eden and An Absolutely Remarkable Thing.

Wanting: A new swimsuit!

Looking: At dining room sets, because my table and chairs are kind of falling apart…

Playing: Lots of Sporcle quizzes of late.

Deciding: Whether or not I can take a vacation to New York this fall.

Wishing: It wasn’t about to get blaringly hot here in Houston any minute now…

Enjoying: The Bible study I’m doing with some folks from church that’s led by one of our pastors–it’s been really rich so far and I’m glad we still have until November.

Waiting: For it to stop thundering and start actually raining outside.

Wondering: How I let my calendar for May get so full!

Loving: My church is about to start a series on the emotions and this enneagram 4 is HERE FOR IT

Pondering: How to better stick to my budget and why I’m not reading as much as I used to.

Considering: Future plans–I’ve got the bones of a plan to finally start a second master’s degree in the fall of 2020, which isn’t as far off as it seems. I need to work out details (especially the financial ones), but yeah, I have concrete plans to make it happen now, which is exciting.

Buying: Some anti-frizz serum which really does work well but is impossible to wash out

Watching: Started The West Wing! I’m also on a quest to finish watching all the Marvel movies before I go watch Endgame–it probably won’t be for a couple of weeks, so NO SPOILERS!

Hoping: I don’t eat it on this bike ride/scavenger hunt my friend is doing for his birthday on Saturday! (I haven’t ridden a bike in literally ten years.)

Needing: To clean my apartment and fold all my laundry and put it away…

Smelling: Grapefruit candle from Trader Joe’s! It’s very grapefruity and smells really good.

Wearing: Thrift store t-shirt, plaid pajama pants.

Admiring: This poem by Robert Pinsky.

Giggling: At this Instagram post from one of the cast members of the Hamilton Philip tour.

Hearing: Church Clothes by Lecrae! And the cars driving by on the road on the other side of the bayou.

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