right now: june 2019.

Making: Still working on the afghan–I have a September deadline, so I’ve got to get a move on it.

Cooking: Made chicken soup, which is surprisingly good for today’s Houston weather (overcast, in the 70s, probably going to pour down raining here in a second)

Drinking: A cortado at A 2nd Cup (whose wifi I’m using right now)

Reading: The Color of Compromise, Bowlaway, and Prayer and the Art of Volkswagen Maintenance.

Wanting: I keep meaning to sit down and play the song “Redemption Day” all the way through, just haven’t done it yet.

Looking: At tickets to New York City or Nashville for Labor Day weekend, maybe.

Playing: This really stupid game I got because of an Instagram ad, but it’s really addictive; it’s called Color Road and I’ve gotten weirdly good at it.

Deciding: On a five-year plan, maybe. Not anything formal yet, but I have the framework of an idea.

Wishing: I could get the motivation to go to the gym.

Enjoying: The podcast Ologies, which is interviews with people who do the ologies–one of my favorite eps is the one on oology, which is the study of eggs.

Waiting: For the 4th of July (which is bringing me a four-day weekend).

Wondering: Who I should invite over for dinner next; what to take my friends who just had a baby

Loving: The song “Cumbia de Donde” by Calexico; Avengers: Endgame (I think I need to go see it again)

Pondering: How to get myself to start reading more again (I’m severely behind in my reading challenge on Goodreads)

Considering: Buying some camping gear (I wanna go do that more)

Buying: This dress (I wore it to church a couple of Sundays ago and got called Miss Frizzle)

Watching: The Marvel movies I skipped on my blitz toward Endgame (namely, the Ant-Man movies and Spider-Man: Homecoming, especially in prep for Far From Home next week)

Hoping: I don’t get a ton of people at quiz tonight…I started doing trivia at a local bar and it’s been a lot of fun, but occasionally I’ll get more than 15 teams and I’m just not feeling it tonight.

Needing: To do something with all the junk that’s currently on my bedroom floor–it had been hanging out on a bookshelf that’s been falling apart and I am trying to organize it into other places in my apartment so I can get rid of the bookshelf.

Smelling: Everybody else’s drinks at this coffee shop.

Wearing: Blue shorts, green and white tank top, brown gladiator sandals, these earrings.

Admiring: The coloring sheet they have magneted to the fridge at 2nd Cup (I’m sitting at the counter and can see all of the kitchen).

Giggling: At this ridiculous Twitter thread.

Hearing: Another podcast I recently discovered (thanks to Ologies, actually) called Smart Mouth, which is a food historian talking with people she knows about the history of their favorite foods.

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