right now: october 2019

Making: Still working on the afghan–definitely not going to be done before the end of the year, unfortunately, but that’s okay.

Cooking: A lot of fried rice lately (it’s really good with smoked sausage, by the way)

Drinking: A Coke. I’m at my parents’ house staying with my mom while my dad has back surgery (should be pretty minor, Mom just needs someone to be around so she doesn’t fall or something) and it’s the only place I drink Cokes that actually have sugar in them.

Reading: Gods of Jade and Shadow (it’s Cinderella meets American Gods meets Mayan/early 20th century Mexican culture), Ordinary (about how slow-burn faithfulness is actually what we’re called to as Christians). Just finished Red at the Bone (intergenerational story about a family in early 2000s Brooklyn).

Wanting: To try out all the Thanksgiving recipes in the latest Bon Appetit.

Looking: At tickets to Grand Rapids (I signed up for Festival of Faith and Writing, woo).

Playing: Lots of roots and bluegrass music (fall = Americana season).

Deciding: On the five-year plan, still. I need to sit down and actually write some stuff out.

Wishing: I could hit the road this weekend.

Enjoying: The cold weather outside!

Waiting: For Thanksgiving break, and then full blast into Advent and Christmas.

Wondering: How my dad’s surgery’s going–just got a call from my grandpa that they just got started.

Pondering: If I can finish a book today…

Watching: Baseball (sigh), The Chef Show on Netflix, maybe some movies today and tomorrow? And The Good Place, and folks got me started on The West Wing (sorry, guys, I’m still only in the first season!)

Needing: To get some projects done around my apartment before the end of the year.

Wearing: Gray t-shirt that says “Everything will be amazing”, jeans, new pair of Allbirds

Giggling: At this thread of “mundane costumes”

Hearing: The Typology podcast; my parents’ dog; the fan in the other room