right now: march 2020

Making: to-do lists that I seem to not be finishing right now, even though I’m not going anywhere

Cooking: tonight I made a pasta frittata which was pretty decent, but my skillet’s too big and so my frittata was thinner than it could’ve been. Still good, though. I made turkey meatballs last night, which, as that was the last meat in my fridge, means I’m vegetarian until my grocery pickup on Saturday, so…yay.

Drinking: coffee, Coke Zero, lots of water, lots of HEB lime sparkling water. I have noticed that I tend to stress-drink instead of stress-eat–like, not even alcohol, but I have at least two of those four things going at one time, and sometimes a cup of tea or a glass of wine gets thrown in the mix, too.

Reading: just finished the Keller book on prayer. Started East of Eden and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe in the past 24 hours and might throw in a non-fiction book for fun.

Wanting: to know when this is all going to end. (For those reading in the future, I’m writing this during the COVID-19 pandemic and have been mostly staying inside and working from home.) I miss seeing my people in person. I miss going places and just hanging out.

Looking: forward to Holy Week and Easter–Palm Sunday is in a few days. This year it’s going to be supremely weird celebrating at home by myself, but the story of the gospel goes on, despite everything else.

Playing: I’ve been doing random Instagram Live and Periscope sessions where I’ll play worship songs for the heck of it, and it’s been kind of cathartic for me. And I’ve been doing the New York Times mini crossword every day (and competing against friends).

Deciding: how the heck I’m going to move at the end of April.

Wishing: I had thought to buy more rice earlier than this…

Enjoying: friends on the Internet, texts, calls, Zoom meetings. But also unplugging.

Waiting: for the news to get better; to see my folks; to go back to church; to go back to work.

Wondering: what in the world I put in my grocery order for Saturday–I did it a week ago and I have no memory of what I put in there except for frozen green beans

Loving: the weather, which has been mostly extremely pleasant the past few days.

Pondering: whether or not to go to Austin for the rescheduled thing I was going to go to about the psalms throughout church history (but it’s tentatively scheduled for the day after I move).

Considering: how bad I am at letting myself feel my feelings and how good I am at distracting myself instead.

Buying: a couple of candles from a small company who had a sale; Lore Ferguson Wilbert’s Handle With Care, from Blue Willow Books; a new sweater from Modcloth; a ticket to Hamilton when it comes through in late summer (hopefully)

Watching: mostly YouTube, if I’m being honest. I haven’t touched the movies I checked out (although I think I might just work my way through them this weekend).

Hoping: I make myself unplug sometime this week–no screens, no music, just me and God and silence.

Needing: to get boxes and pack my apartment…my future roommate says she has some, and I might need to go pick them up (although logistically that might be interesting).

Smelling: nothing at the moment, although I’ve been burning one of my candles so it’s one less thing I have to pack, it’s just not lit at the moment.

Wearing: Jeans (I know! I feel like I need to put on kind of normal clothes on days when I work), t-shirt with a vintage cover of A Wrinkle In Time on it

Admiring: all the people who are out on the front lines of this pandemic–medical personnel, janitors, grocery store workers, restaurant staff, retail workers, sanitation workers–all the people we take for granted that are literally saving the world right now.

100 random things to do if you’re bored

I wrote most of this list when I was in college or grad school, I think. I just went through and updated it for 2020 (I had a lot of references to iPods and CDs). If you can think of your own, put it in the comments.

1. Make 100 lists of 100 things—100 things you want to do before you die, books you want to read, places you want to go, albums you love, whatever.

2. Listen to your whole music library.

3. Get a coloring book and crayons and revert to your childhood.

4. Play with sidewalk chalk.

5. Make a posterboard-sized collage.

6. Clean out your desk.

7. Clean off your computer’s desktop and clean out the downloads folder.

8. Read a whole book in one sitting.

9. Put on a play in your backyard.

10. Write a long letter to someone you haven’t seen in a while.

11. Learn a new hobby or skill.

12. Watch all the episodes on your favorite YouTube channel.

13. Blow up a whole package of balloons.

14. Write a sestina.

15. Make a meal using everything in your fridge.

16. Bake something from scratch.

17. Fill up a notebook in 24 hours.

18. Make a poetry collection for a friend.

19. Wash your car.

20. Write a sonnet.

21. Write down every single detail of the room you’re in.

22. Make a piñata and give it to a kid.

23. Write goofy haiku.

24. Learn the alphabet in sign language.

25. Dig out CDs you haven’t listened to in a while (assuming you still have a way to listen to CDs).

26. Read a kid’s book out loud.

27. Memorize the “to be or not to be” speech from Hamlet.

28. If you have an art book, flip through it and look at the art.

29. Cover a page in doodles.

30. Type out the numbers one through one million in words.

31. If you have a blog, write a post every hour for 24 hours.

32. Go on a walk through your neighborhood.

33. Read through the “Q” section of the dictionary.

34. Get a coffee can and make ice cream.

35. Record yourself reading something out loud.

36. Take pictures of your elbows.

37. Turn a Styrofoam cup inside-out.

38. Watch a whole season of a TV show. This should not be an issue for many of you.

39. Write a 500-word story.

40. Edit that story down to 100 words.

41. Put together your own magazine.

42. Tie-dye a shirt.

43. Give yourself a haircut.

44. Wash your dog.

45. Fold 1000 paper cranes and make a wish.

46. Write out the lyrics to your favorite album.

47. Make a playlist of your 50 favorite songs of all time.

48. Learn your voice part in the Hallelujah Chorus. If you don’t know what your voice part is, go find out what your vocal range is and proceed from there.

49. Read to a bedridden person. (If you’re reading this during the COVID-19 pandemic, do it through FaceTime or something, don’t be an idiot.)

50. Clean out your hall closets.

51. Ask your grandparents how they met.

52. Fold your laundry, you heathen.

53. Meditate.

54. Secretly do something nice for someone you don’t like.

55. Write your congresspeople.

56. Play scales on your instrument of choice.

57. Draw a tree.

58. Do some yoga.

59. Reorganize your books.

60. Find a new blog and read all their archives.

61. Pick a word, then learn how to say it in 10 languages.

62. Write a review of the last movie you watched.

63. Do the “loves me, loves me not” thing with a daisy.

64. Clean your house from top to bottom.

65. Shave someone else’s head.

66. Get a small child to do your hair.

67. Draw things on your hands.

68. Make homemade skin care products.

69. Go to sporcle.com and see how many games you can beat.

70. Write sentences where each word starts with a consecutive letter of the alphabet (e.g., Aphra Behn came down eating fudge, giggling happily—“I’ll just keep leaving my newspaper open; perhaps Quincy stayed, though upset, very wary (x-rated?), yet zealous.”

71. Have a conversation with one of your old stuffed animals.

72. Write a letter to your future self.

73. Write your will.

74. Do a tasting of the food (or drink) of your choice.

75. Cut up your old t-shirts and do something interesting with the scraps.

76. Call or text everyone whose numbers are in your phone.

77. Go through all your photos.

78. Play checkers with yourself.

79. Remember #11? Go teach someone else how to do it.

80. Stand on a corner with your phone and dance to the music.

81. Try to make a list of everyone you know.

82. Look up all the churches in a 5-mile radius and pray for them.

83. Read a magazine.

84. Have a picnic in your living room or backyard.

85. Call someone and leave a poem on their voicemail.

86. Answer the Pivot questionnaire.

87. Answer the Pivot questionnaire for a fictional character.

88. Draw a self-portrait.

89. Buy all the birthday cards you’ll need for the next year.

90. Clean out your car.

91. Cut out snowflakes.

92. Mail something to yourself.

93. Look up stuff in your public library’s catalog.

94. Look up a show on tvtropes.org.

95. Trade music libraries with a friend or family member for a day.

96. Write your own personal mission statement.

97. Take ten minutes to eat one cookie.

98. Write a thank-you note to your parents (assuming that they weren’t abusive).

99. Write a research paper.

100. Go ye, therefore, and make up your own list of projects.