thursday 13

This week: Thirteen Advent or Christmas songs that aren’t the same ones that get played over and over and over.

  1. “He Who Is Mighty” (Sovereign Grace Music)
  2. “Gaudete” (traditional carol)
  3. “Winter Song” (Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson)
  4. “Sister Winter” (Sufjan Stevens)
  5. “Glory Be” (Sojourn Music)
  6. “Thou Who Wast Rich” (traditional carol)
  7. “Of the Father’s Love Begotten” (traditional carol)
  8. “Song of the Magi” (Anais Mitchell)
  9. “Love Came Down at Christmas” (written by Christina Rossetti, but performed here by Jars of Clay)
  10. “Green Grows the Holly” (traditional carol)
  11. “Getting Ready for Christmas Day” (Paul Simon)
  12. “All That I Want” (The Weepies)
  13. “Down In Yon Forest” (Kemper Crabb)

second week of Advent: Rahab.

I am waiting on the walls
For my deliverance to come

I wasn’t exactly expecting this
All the marching and horns and such

I expected an army, not their priests
And their magical box

Every time they go by, though
Those two men look up and wink at me

Like they know some secret that I don’t
And they’re just waiting for the right time to tell me

But I know that when it happens
I won’t have to sell myself anymore

I won’t have to let myself be used
Again and again in the name of a dead god

I can go with them and be free
And believe whatever promise their god makes

saturday session (12/9)

Hello, gang. It’s been sort of busy around these parts–we started offering passport services at my workplace this week, and last night was the first night all week that I didn’t have something happening. The church I’m going to now just started raising money to expand its building in the next couple of years, so there’s quite a bit of buzz around that. Thursday night I went to Andrew Peterson’s Behold the Lamb of God concert that comes through here every year, and I ran into a bunch of people I haven’t seen in a while. And I think I have a lot up ahead of me the rest of this month, too–parties and presents to buy and all the general busyness the end of the year brings, not to mention that my lease runs out next month and so I have to start thinking about that, too.

But in all the busyness, it’s also important to find time to wait and to pray. Jesus is on His way and I want to have my eyes and ears open for Him.

Anyway, on to the links:

  • This post on Mockingbird makes me want to call my brother and have an awkward conversation.
  • I recently discovered the blog The Lazy Genius Collective and it is currently saving my life.
  • In case you haven’t seen it, Chance the Rapper did a guest stint on WGN as the meteorologist and it is the best thing.
  • Never too early to start preparing, Five Thirty-Eight has a quiz to help you figure out which team to root for in the World Cup next summer. (My result? ¡Viva Peru!)
  • I have a kitchen table, but 1) it is kind of falling apart and 2) my apartment is tiny, so this article from Bon Appetit is giving me all kinds of ideas.
  • NPR does this lovely book roundup every year and this year’s has a bunch of great-looking titles.
  • This shopping guide at The Art of Simple will point you to some companies doing excellent and ethical work.
  • I shared this on Twitter, but this video of some South African brothers and sisters singing in Xhosa about the Holy Spirit has been giving me life the past few days.

Happy Saturday, folks!

First week of Advent: Tamar.

I am waiting at this gate
For my rightful redeemer to come
He has already put me to shame more than once
What’s one more time

Mother Leah told me about
Father Abraham and the stars he saw
I wonder if one of those stars
Was lit for me and the child
I should have borne by now

But I, with veiled face
Can’t afford to wait to find out

saturday session (12/2)

Hi, everybody.

It’s been a heck of a 36 hours for me: I auditioned for Jeopardy! yesterday and it was maybe one of the most fun things I’ve ever done, not least of all because Alex Trebek came and did a Q&A with us for ten minutes and was funny and charming and all the things you want Alex Trebek to be. And this afternoon at work we did a huge Harry Potter program with games and snacks and stuff and I think we may have had way more people than we were expecting. (Definitely more than 100.)

So: Exciting times around here. Tomorrow is the first day of Advent and I’ve got my candles ready. Hopefully I can get my heart ready and waiting, too. We need Advent in a bad way this year. We need the reminder that the good King is coming again to make all things new.

Anyway. Here are the links:

  • Speaking of Advent, David Taylor has a great list of Advent devotionals up on his blog. (By the way, if you are at all interested in Christianity and the arts, you should be reading his blog.)
  • This is an entirely foreign concept to me: Two Google employees who are married to each other diagrammed their fight on the whiteboard they keep in their living room.
  • “Too often our conversations about gender rely on tired stereotypes used to get an easy laugh or to simplify an idea. Instead of robust and nuanced analysis of gender differences, we settle for one-dimensional traits and artificial divisions. Our soteriology or ecclesiology might be complex and specific, but our theology of gender is often lazy and limiting.” Kaitlyn Schiess nails it in this article.
  • The year-end best-of lists begin: The New York Times‘s 100 Notable Books of 2017. (I haven’t read any of these, y’all. I need to catch up.)
  • File under “lol what”: Upside-down Christmas tree for sale at Target.
  • Uncomfortably funny: Different kinds of churches.

That’s all I’ve got. Have a good rest of your weekend.

thursday 13.

This week: Thirteen things you’re looking forward to about the holidays/the rest of the year.

  1. Seriously, I love all of those year-end best-of lists. (You can bet I’ll link to a bunch in upcoming Saturday Sessions.)
  2. The small group I’ve tried out at the church I’ve settled on is going to Zoolights in a couple of weeks.
  3. I got a ticket to the Behold the Lamb of God concert on the 7th and a bunch of people I know are going.
  4. The last week of December, I only have to work three days, glory to God.
  5. Not going to lie: The Last Jedi.
  6. Advent and Advent songs and Advent practices and all that.
  7. Christmas music!
  8. I have a thing at work this Saturday that promises to be a lot of fun.
  9. Oh, and the music department of the college we share a building with is coming to sing carols next week.
  10. I might make it a point to go drive through this neighborhood that is famous for its Christmas lights…
  11. I’m such a nerd for saying this, but I’m looking forward to telling you about some good books I read this year in my own year-end list.
  12. The annual McClendon Christmas tacos. (Yes, my family eats tacos for Christmas, because we’re awesome.)
  13. I might also go out and look at the meteor shower that’s supposed to happen on the 13th; stay tuned. 🙂

saturday session (11/25)

Good evening. Did everyone have a good Thanksgiving? I managed to actually not buy anything yesterday but am now in search of some Christmas decorations for my apartment. Advent’s right around the corner–not tomorrow, though, tomorrow’s Christ the King Sunday–so I’m queueing up some playlists and making lists and pondering going to Dollar Tree to get some wreath-making materials.

But anyway, here are the links:

  • You may have seen this already, but there’s a Japanese tv show called All-Star Thanksgiving (who knows why, it airs twice a year in April and October) and they recently did a bit where six guys had to climb up some slippery stairs to reach a treasure chest, and it is gold. (The poor guy in the red uniform just can’t catch a break.)
  • New OK Go video! This one involves a wall of printers.
  • Movie dance scenes set to “Can’t Stop the Feeling”.
  • Lake Street Dive does an excellent cover of “Take On Me”.
  • It’s that time of year when we start getting best-of lists, and one of the first is the Tournament of Books Long List from The Morning News. I’ve been meaning to tackle quite a few of these.
  • Speaking of book lists: Parents of kids, here’s a list of 121 books recommended by the great blog Dinner: A Love Story. Lots of classics, but also some other titles you might not have heard of. (I’ve bought several of these as baby shower presents.)