First real post.

(Starting music: Sufjan Stevens – O Come, O Come Emmanuel)

1. I’m still not used to this interface. Oh well. I’ll probably be changing the template soon, too.

2. So, what have I been up to, readers, besides starting up new blogs? Well, I managed to get sick on Monday and have had this lovely, wonderful cough ever since then (I sound like a frog. It’s sexy). I’ve been panicking about papers and reading and research and such (the first one–well, really, it’s a presentation–is due on the 14th. EEK!). Been thinking a lot about getting my priorities in order, not to mention what I’m doing after graduation (about 191 days or so–isn’t that crazy?). At the end of the semester, I think I deserve a reward.

3. Had a GREAT epiphany last night: I’ve been having so much trouble with self-control and discipline, right? But–wait, self-control is a fruit of the Spirit. If I abide in Him and His Word abides in me, then, well, things should progress from there, yeah? The only thing is that it’s slow growth. Good thing patience comes along with it. 😉 But yeah, it’s not something I have to muster on my own. It’s a gift. As long as I’m connected to the vine, it’ll happen. (Man, you’d think after being a Christian for ten years, I’d have gotten this by now. Nope.)

4. Not much else to say, surprisingly. Keeping busy. I should probably go to sleep soon. Thanks for reading (you guys are the best).


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