good friday: the way, the truth, and the life.

The temple torn down

The curtain rent

The slain lamb

The offering priest

The pleasing sacrifice

Clothed in white linen

Anointed with fragrant oils

The suspended bridge over

The valley of death

The king in his beauty enthroned


maundy thursday: the true vine.

You were torn down,
Crushed and poured out
As a sign of the new promise
Of God that makes all the old ones come true

All our rocks and thorns
Breaking Your body
So that we could drink deep
Of Your goodness to us

palm sunday: the bread of life.

“Save us” they prayed

They wanted a king that would give them bread
That would fill their hunger
That would break the cycle of their poverty
That would break the cycles of their oppression

Here comes Jesus, the Son of David
And the city’s stones shout underneath the people
That their rightful King has returned
To come into His kingdom at last

He will fill them at last
With the tearing of His flesh

He will rule the world
From a splintered throne

While the city watches
His blood spill outside its gates

thursday 13

This week: 13 email newsletters I subscribe to.

1. Daily Skimm (news)
2. Poem of the Day (what it says in the title)
3. The List (events happening in downtown Houston)
4. Morning Brew (business news–I subscribe in an effort to learn more about economics)
5. Any New Books (tells you which books have been released that week in different subject areas)
6. A bunch of different ones from the New York Times: Your Money, Cooking, Five Weeknight Dishes, Open Thread, Running (I don’t really know why, I think it was out of some desire to start running even though I hate it), Smarter Living, Well, Books, Theater Update, and Travel. (I have an online subscription to the NYT, so I don’t get paywalled by all the articles they link to in the newsletters.)
7. It’s Not Hou It’s Me (stuff going on in Houston, not just downtown)
8. EnneaThought from the Enneagram Institute for type 4 and type 5, which never fails to make me grimace in recognition every morning
9. All of Book Riot‘s billion and one newsletters
10. The Financial Diet (financial advice for and by millennials)
11. Two Bossy Dames (two friends write about culture and self-care and all kinds of things; much better than how I am selling it right now)
12. Vox Sentences (news)
13. My church’s bulletin.