we approach the throne of grace with confidence…

Some things I’d appreciate prayer for:

1. Discipline–the end of the semester is drawing near and I’m still trying to keep my head above water. Pray that I wouldn’t settle for mediocrity just so I can get things done.

2. At the same time, I could use some reminders not to rest on my own merit and not look for satisfaction in being a great student or from other people’s approval. I have issues with this. It’s sad, I know.

3. Still sick. Ick.

4. Wisdom about what to do after graduation. I think I know the direction God’s leading me in, but I’m not sure. Discernment would be good.

5. My mom’s health still isn’t good–she’s been seeing a podiatrist to improve the circulation in her legs and to get rid of some sort of apparent infection she has, but the treatment is leaving her in a lot of pain.

6. Oh, yeah, my sister-in-law’s having a boy.

Leave yours in the comments (I’m sure there’s plenty for us all to pray for).


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