random thoughts

*Which is worse: To be loved but not known, or to be wholly anonymous?
*I’ve realized lately that I don’t have one thing that I’m an expert in. I have lots of things I’m relatively competent at, but nothing that I know inside and out. Jack of all trades, master of none, I guess.
*Actually, that’s a lie–I’m awesome at surfing the Internet. *headdesk*
*I have a poem about Martin Luther King that’s been floating around in my head a while. Wonder if it’ll be any good.
*Speaking of poems, that random series on biblical trees I started? I need to finish that. That’d be good. Maybe I’ll do one a week for the rest of the summer…
*Also, a couple of thoughts brewing on eating and eating together, and Communion. (By the way, and this is a completely random question, but what does your church do with Communion leftovers after the service?)
*Twitter: Yes or no?
*It’s amazingly hard to trust in the work of Christ when you’ve been trusting in the work of you for 20+ years. The rare moments when I do are grace upon grace.


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